Today: Friday, 24 Sep.

6 Sep 2006

Advanced Flash Player v1.1 released.

Robocup 2006 products added to our website.

Website style changed.





 Welcome to Mohsoft Corporation website. In this site you will find Mohsoft products and lastest news about them. You can download them for free.

Mohsoft Products :

Advanced Flash Player v1.1 A standalone player for SWF and FLV files that doesn't require Flash IDE.
Snakes & Ladders A funny classic game.


Products for Robocup 2006 (Bremen-Germany):

Log to swf Opens log files and convert them to swf format.
3DMonitor Shows simulated games by openning log files in real 3D world. It can show online games too.
Swf Online Views online simulated games in a website using flash swf format.
Log Analyzer Calculates statistical information about a game by opening log files.



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