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Advanced Flash Player is a shareware software that can play *.swf,*.flv movies with great features :

    - Playing *.swf, *.flv files.
    - Rewinding to any position in a movie.
    - Creating standard projector exe files smaller than Macromedia ones (for example version 8 is 850kb smaller).
    - Supports exe files from v4 to v8 that allows you to create exe files with smallest     possible size. (swf2exe)
    - FullScreen Play.
    - Capture your favorite picture and saving in Bmp, Gif, Jpg format.
    - Extracting Swf movie from standard *.exe files. (exe2swf)
    - Compressing *.swf files and reducing your movie file size up to 70% .
    - Volume Control.
    - Playlist Control

+All other macromedia flash player features.

New in version 1.1:
Add: Playlist
Add: Save all setting like scale,...
Add: Fullscreen menu hiding
Add: Fullscreen play controls view
Add: Double-Click for full screen
Add: New volume control
Add: Info bar that shows filename and frames
Add: logging errors in a separate file
Add: Standard FSCommand support
Add: Flash 8 projector creation
Add: Zoom with mouse wheel
Add: Help files
Add: Check for valid exe file while converting exe to swf
Add: Playing FLV files
Add: Changing software skin
Add: New registration method
Add: Trial window (14 days free evaluation period)
Fix: Getting version while opening files error
Fix: Crash on some 1 frame movies
Fix: Recent files saving problems
Fix: play controls stop when no sound card is installed
Fix: Replacing v7 with any flash version in setup project (installing version 9 in setup)
Fix: some other minor bugs

You can download flash files from sites like: , , , , , 

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Important for win98 or older users : Before using this program you must sure that msvbvm60.dll is in your windows system directory. if you can't find the file please download VB6 runtime from

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