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Current monitor of Robocup Soccer 3D does not contain many features. We decided to make a new monitor with many features that helps us to improve our Soccer3D team. So we programmed a new monitor that contains some new features and we want to add some others later. This might help us in two ways:

  1. It is very important to have a test platform in RoboCup Soccer3D to test new planning algorithms and learning algorithms. So we need a new controllable monitor.
  2. In order to analyze 3D log files offline, we need a tool that can show log files with forward and backward movement’s capabilities and some other features.


  • Opening log files and viewing them in 3D style.
  • Connecting to RCSoccer server and showing the simulation online.
  • Being able to save some states of the simulated game and load it later online.
  • Being able to move forward, move backward and play log files from any simulation time or cycle.
  • Having Custom options that can change player characters and some sound options.
  • Having more camera positions and movements.

This program created by Microsoft visual basic 6 and using TrueVision 3D engine 6.5 and setup file is created using Setup Factory 6.

In this link you can find more information about programming.


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