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Macromedia Swf format is the most well-known format in web sites, Swf is using by more than 5 million internet users. This program can convert whole log files to Swf format. Viewing monitor log files is possible only for Linux users that installed SSServer but Swf is cross-platform format and can be viewed in many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh and … Size of original log files is about 4MB and downloading log files requires fast internet connections and made some problems for users with slower connections. But size of created swf is less than 350KB so users with slower internet connections can see played games easily and enjoy games. Manager can put swf files in robocup official website and anyone with a web browser can watch played games. Of course after creating the swf files you don't need log files to watch the games. Program options made it possible for providers to create desired swf files with flexible settings. Provider can change size of players or ball or convert some parts of game or change speed of playing.

The idea for this tool that converts 3D monitor log files to SWF files came to mind from problems we have in current 3D log files such as having a large file size, being hard to be understood, and the need to rcssmonitor_lite tool to be viewed graphically. By converting these 3D log files to SWF files we can have all features of SWF files like having a small file size, being cross platform, etc. Macromedia flash players and its plug-ins for browsers cannot seek (i.e. go back or forth) a movie. For more options of viewing swf files we recommend that use Advanced Flash Player.


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