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This program is an exciting tool for internet users. This tool is for remote users that don't want to miss any game! SwfOnline works just like live soccer matches in television programs. You can watch live games online. Size of SwfOnline is less than 50KB and the only requirements for viewing games is a web browser with Flash plug-in (ActiveX) installed. You can connect to server from any time because program automatically gets current status of game.

SwfOnline contains 3 parts:

  • Flash Application: A macromedia flash swf program that runs in client browsers. This program connects to a website that serving online games. Because of cross-platform feature of swf files this can be run under any flash supported browser in any platform, Windows, Linux, …
  • Soccer Web Server: An IIS ASP application that keeps information of online game. It sends requested records to Flash Application. This program requires Microsoft windows with IIS installed. This can be run under windows 2000 server or windows XP professional or windows 2003.
  • SIA (Server Immediate Application): This program opens a socket connection and connects to SSServer. It gets records and made required changes and sends them to Soccer Web Server. This program can be run under any windows operating system.


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